Thermal deaeration, dissolved CO² deaeration
  • Thermal deaeration
    Oxygen and carbon dioxide present in water are extremely powerful corrosive agents for steel. It is essential to eliminate both.

Deaeration can be achieved chemically (oxygen) or physically (all gases in solution). 

Pressurised thermal deaerator:

The pressurised thermal deaerator provides water of excellent quality with very low oxygen content (less than 0.01 mg/l) and is used in systems operating at high steam flow rate and pressure. PROSOFT design optimises  dissolved gas stripping according to the physico-chemical operating parameters. The feed water thus obtained is of extremely good quality.

Pressurised deaerator tank:

This equipment, the performance of which is close to that of the thermal deaerator, is particularly suitable for intermediate pressure boilers, and represents an economic alternative to chemical treatment. Operating conditions are identical to those of a thermal deaerator, with the tower and its lining replaced by a dome positioned over the tank.

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