Solar Fresh Water





Drinking water production unit for human consumption

Compact, transportable and autonomous in energy







Development Context of SOLAR FRESH WATER® :

Freshwater supply is still today a major health issue, particularly in developing countries where 80% of prevalent illnesses are related to water. These waterborne diseases (including cholera, typhoid or dysentery) are responsible for a third of deaths. Thus, in 2008, according to UNICEF and the WHO, 884 million people – including 84% living in rural areas – had no access to improved drinking water [WHO/UNICEF, 2010]. In parallel, subsists a strong demand for the emergency supply of communities following a natural catastrophe or in zones of conflicts, as well as to provide construction sites, site facilities, military camps or urban communities waiting for the construction of a classic installation, or to increase the capacity of an existing plant.


For these reasons, Prosoft Ingenierie decided to develop, thanks to the financing of OSEO, drinking water production units, complying with WHO recommendations, compact as well as completely autonomous in energy: Solar Fresh Water®.


These units are for isolated communities composed of 200 up to 10 000 indiciduals.



  • Complete autonomy in energy: the production of electricity necessary to the operating of these units is created thanks to solar panels and/or windmills.
  • These units are customized and can treat sea water, brackish water and surface water according to the locality.
  • The treated water is for human and animal consumption as well as agricultural and industrial activities.
  • These installations are transportable in maritime containers and delivered ready for operation.
  • They necessitate little infrastructure to be operational.
  • The setup is quick and easy, their exploitation not requiring any special competencies.
  • The units are available for export.
  • Various options can be added to the station :

-       a packager in order to produce individual water packs

-       an icemaker

-       a drip irrigation for farming

-       a socket to have an external source of energy

-       a micropayment system


Main technical elements:

  • A raw water pump
  • A pre filter manually washable by return water
  • A sand filter in glass reinforced polyester
  • An air compressor to remove materials from the sand filter
  • A volumetric dosing device for sodium hypochlorite (bleach)
  • An UV generator
  • A treated water direct outlet with  a counter
  • A treated water outlet towards the storage tank
  • An electronic control panel
  • Batteries conceived to store the produced energy
  • Solar panels
  • Windmill (optional)


Solar Fresh Water® Leaflet

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