• Formed in 1952 as the Water Treatment Division of Applications Chimiques pour l'Industrie (SACI), Prosoft-Ingénierie joined the Grace Service Chemical International Group in the early 1970s.


  • Since 1994, Prosoft-Ingénierie has continued its development independently, with a steadfastly dynamic approach to the service of its customers.


  • In 2007, Tecser, specialist in membrane separation processes merged with Prosoft-Ingénierie to provide this ion exchange resins processes specialist with all the membrane separation techniques.


  • Prosoft-Ingénierie specialises in the design of industrial water treatment systems and delivers these on a turnkey basis.


  • Prosoft-Ingénierie's core business lies in the design, conception and production of customised water treatment units, and provides assembling, commisioning and maintenance of these systems. 


  • Prosoft-Ingénierie is entitled to offer training classes on water treatment and plant management and to train the operating staff. 



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